Why a Photo Booth is a Must For These 5 Events

Are you looking to organise the event of the year? We all love attending a fantastic party, but it can often be hard work actually planning one. It doesn’t matter the occasion, there are several things needed to make it an event to remember. This includes; good people, good food, and good entertainment.


We don’t like settling for ‘good’ entertainment here at Boogie in the Booth, we definitely prefer providing you with GREAT entertainment. We can do this with our fantastic photo booths.

Not sure that if a photo booth will fit into your type of event? Let us change your mind...


We’re big fans of having a photo booth at weddings, as we think it provides something fun to do for all ages – something you definitely need in your wedding entertainment. It’s always a good idea to think outside the box when planning your wedding, as you definitely don’t want it to be the same as everyone else’s.

A photo booth provides you with the perfect alternative to the standard photographer – or something different to have alongside! The instant photos will capture the excitement of the event, as well as allow people the chance to be silly without feeling embarrassed.

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Staff Christmas Party

Bored of having your works Christmas party in the same location every year? Sick of frequenting the same restaurant year after year? Change it up! Hire a room to hold your party and decorate it yourself. This way, you can be in charge of the entertainment.

Want to impress your co-workers? Hire a photo booth from us here at Boogie in the Booth. It will provide hours of fun that you just can’t get whilst sitting on separate tables in your local Chinese restaurant. It gives people the opportunity to speak to someone who they don’t normally socialise with at work!


Birthdays are always a good excuse to party – especially if it’s a special birthday (18, 21, 30 etc). Why not make your birthday party one to remember by hiring a photo booth to provide lasting memories?

Take advantage of having all your favourite people in one place by getting them all in the photo booth to take fun pictures (not all at once obviously – safety first!).

birthday cupcake

New Years Eve

What’s a better way to capture the excitement of another year beginning than with a photo booth? Perfect for a party that has guests of all different ages, a photo booth will even keep your grandparents entertained into the early hours.

Instant printing means that people can take their photos home – it might help them remember the night after waking up with a fuzzy head!

Any Event You Want

Let’s face it – a photo booth is perfect for ANY event. We could actually sit here and list them all but it would make this blog post far too long. So we advise you to take our word for it – a photo booth is the perfect addition to any party! Hen and stag parties, graduation celebration, sorry you’re moving away shindig – you get the picture.

If you’re looking for a photo booth in Grimsby or the surrounding area, please don’t hesitate to contact Boogie in the Booth.

Our photo booths are perfect for any event – helping you put on a night to remember. For more information about our services and the packages that we offer, just give us a call on 07568230813 and a member of our team will be happy to help.