What To Do With Your Photo Booth Snaps!


There are a lot of reasons why our photo booth hire in Grimsby is a great addition to your party, wedding, prom and event (not least because they're super fun!)

Photo booths  are adaptable, they can be integrated into your party, no matter what theme you've you've chosen, and they produce stunning snaps. Once you have your strips, however, what then? What can you turn your photo booth snaps into?

Well, we've got a couple of ideas we think you're going to love!



A strip of photo's from your photo booth adventure doesn't need to find itself abandoned on your dressing table weeks after the party has ended. Why not take those precious, funny pictures and transform them into a usable, useful bookmark?

Transforming your photo's into bookmarks is quick, easy and beautiful to do.

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Coloured cardboard

The method is easy, simply measure the coloured cardboard half a centimetre larger than your photo booth picture. Next take your glue and stick your photo strip on to the cardboard. You can stylise your bookmark  to your own fancy with coloured pens. Not only do you have a handy bookmark now, but you also have something you'll treasure forever!

Photo Booth Folder-min

Birthday Cards

Cutting up your photo booth snaps or simply leaving them as they are, are great for integrating into Birthday cards. Forget card making websites, the personal touch is the best!




Classic Keep Safes

Of course you can always keep your photo booth snaps safe and sound in a more classic way, tuck them into your mirror, pin them to your bedroom walls, treasure them in photo albums or keep them in your wallet or purse!

Our photo booths offer more than simple print out photos for you to admire over and over again. We also offer CD's, Video Messages,  Guest Books and Facebook uploads of all of the nights photos for you to easily access and enjoy  over and over again!




Most of all, our photo booths offer great fun for you, your family and your guests!

For more information about our different packages, contact us today on 07908705252 and a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to help.