Welcome to the New Boogie in the Booth Blog

Hello and welcome to the brand new Boogie in the Booth blog!

Thank you for coming over to our website for a look around, we hope you enjoy your time here and will keep coming back for more blog posts. Our aim will be to keep you updated with what is going on with us at Boogie in the Booth, as well as giving you useful and interesting articles about party planning.

This new blog will soon be filled with articles about what we’re doing at Boogie in the Booth and any new services we bring out to make your parties as memorable and fun as they can be. We’ll also be posting informative blogs that will help you organise and run your party, including all the tips we’ve picked up from our experience in this industry. Of course, a blog wouldn’t be complete without some interesting posts about the biggest, weirdest or most expensive parties (or whatever else we can think of!).


At Boogie in the Booth, we are dedicated to ensuring your parties are enjoyed by everyone and not easily forgotten. One of the best ways to keep your guests entertained is a photo booth producing personalised photos, and that is what we can provide you. We have a wide range of packages to suit every type of event, including our Ultimate Wedding Package that allows your guests to record 10 second messages for you.

So keep coming back to our blog to make sure you’re up to date on our business updates and tips for how you can create the best party for your guests. It you would like something to make your party unforgettable then let us provide you with a photo booth that will keep everyone entertained for hours. For more information on what we can provide, contact us on 07908 705 252 and a member of our team will be happy to help.