Should You Hire A Photo Booth for a Child’s Party?

Why should us adults have all the fun at our parties with our fun photo booth photos? Kids are often far more creative than we are and let’s face it, they generally photograph much better as they don’t care as much as we do when it comes to poses and double chins.

All kids love dressing up and having their photos taken while pulling funny faces, so why not capture these hilarious moments with the help of a photo booth?

As a leading provider of photo booth hire in Grimsby, here are some reasons why we think a photo booth is a great addition to any kid’s party!

Document Those Funny Moments

The beauty of using a photo booth is that you can really capture the personality of the person being photographed, especially when there are props involved.

Kids have no inhibitions when it comes to being themselves, and a photo booth is a great way to capture those silly moments that may otherwise be missed while trying to keep an eye on a whole room of children at a party.

Group of children eating cake at birthday party

Rather than having someone sat telling them how to pose and smile, they will feel a sense of freedom and you will be rewarded with more natural, authentic photos.

It’s Cool

We already know how excited adults get when they spy the photo booth at an event, so imagine how “cool” and “awesome” it will be for the kids to get to experience something ad unique at their own party!

Girls tells a secret to the boyfriend

Kids love being creative and photo booths are a great way to see what kids get up to when presented with a means to take a photo with no adult to tell them what to do! You’ll get bonus parent points for hiring a booth, we guarantee it!

Get a Photo of Everyone

It’s in a child’s nature to be hard to photograph; they seem to move as a constant hyper-speed and are never stood in the same position for more than a few seconds.

Taking photos at a child’s party is almost impossible, especially if you are trying to get a snap of all the attendees.

Children Party - iStock_000030942352_Medium

With the addition of a photo booth, we’re pretty sure they will be asking for a group photo rather than running away from it. Encourage the children to pile into a booth (safely and gently of course, we don’t want any teary-eyed children on the photographs!) and get a few group snaps where all of their personalities can be captured in a few pictures.

Here at Boogie in the Booth, we love the snaps that we see coming out of our photo booth experiences, from both adult and children alike!

If you would like more information on how you can book one of our booths for your next event, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 07908705252 today where one of our friendly staff members will be delighted to help you.