How to Take the Perfect Photo Booth Snaps

Before photo booths become a popular sight at venues and events, they were mainly used for taking passport pictures; en extremely dull and frustrating task for the majority of people using them.

It’s because of this that a lot of people don’t know how to take perfect photo booth photo without feeling or looking awkward.

Here at Boogie in the Booth, we’ve had quite a lot of experience of photo booth fright during our time as providers of photo booth hire in Lincolnshire. We’re here to give you our favourite tips to producing those perfected photo booth snaps. Want to know our secrets? Then read on…

Flattering Angles

As with official photos, many people are inclined to face the camera straight on. Not only does this hide all those beautiful features of your face as the photo will make you look flatter, but it will be uncomfortable to sit in that position while the photo is taken.

Try to tilt yourself on an angle, showing off your best side- the side which you feel looks more attractive facing the camera. This enhances the shape of your face and casts the light over your facial features, creating naturally lit accents over your facial features.

If you are someone who worries about a pesky double chin making an appearance on your photos, tilt your head up slightly- your neck will look elegant, we promise!


It usually takes a few attempts to get a photograph where you aren’t mid-blink. It’s not a great look, but it’s also one that can be avoided.

Man With Instant Photo - iStock_000019547918_Medium

Focusing on the camera lens can keep your eyes focused which means that you won’t blink as much. It’s also worth noting that photo booths don’t generally use flashes, so there’s no chance you’ll be caught off guard with a blinding flash of light!


We’ve seen a lot of people hold their breath when having their photo taken, and we can’t quite pinpoint why.

It’s a well known fact that some of the best pictures that can be taken are candid photos; do you think they are holding their breath and worrying about the camera being there? No! They’re having fun.


Try to relax and have fun- photo booths can be an exciting element to an event and we want you to have the best possible time!

Here at Boogie in the Booth, we love giving people the opportunity to have fun with their photos while in our booths. Whether you want to take a serious approach or make your poses as wacky as possible, we love seeing how creative people can get.

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