Better than a Selfie? YES… and Here’s Why!

2015: The Year of the Selfie. We’re serious; they’ve been absolutely everywhere this year, from celebs’ snaps plastered across the net to the selfie sticks that let everybody try for that one perfect shot.

The trouble is, we’re not sure that you can really get the perfect shot when you’re taking a selfie – certainly not like you can when you’ve got a photo booth primed and ready to take the perfect pictures of you and your friends. Don’t believe us? Here are three reasons the photo booth beats the selfie, every single time.

No Awkward Angles

Looking at a picture that somebody has taken with their arm out stretched and twisted out of shape often becomes a case of marvelling at the peculiar contortion they’ve managed to achieve with their elbow rather than reminiscing over the memories that the photograph is supposed to represent.

This is because taking a picture of yourself, especially if you also want to get some friends into the shot, is incredibly awkward. The camera ends up skewed at a ridiculous angle as you try to make sure that everybody fits – but in the end you just have a close up of one friend’s forehead while everybody else is crowded out of the shot. Not exactly suitable for plastering all over social media now, is it?

Jazz Up Your Pics

Photo Booth Props - iStock_000056339246_Medium

Putting a filter over a picture simply washes out the colours or adds some contrast – while this can be effective, it’s hardly as fun as digging out the props and making your picture unique right from the start.

This also turns the very act of taking the picture into an event in its own right – instead of demanding that the folks busting a move on the dance floor hold their pose while you line up your lens, you can leave them to it, whilst messing around with your mates and donning novelty hats or specs to ensure that it’s not just a photograph, it’s a moment you’ll remember.

No Hard Work

photos of holiday hanging on clothesline with sea

If you’re the poor soul lumbered with the camera, taking shots of yourself and your friends or family having a good time can become a pretty hard job, and this can result into the whole event becoming something of a chore. We’ve all heard warnings about forgetting to actually enjoy yourself because you’re too busy seeing the world through a camera lens or the screen of a mobile phone.

Photo booths allow you to put those gadgets away and let loose, safe in the knowledge that when somebody runs up to you shouting “photo time!!!” there will be facilities on hand to do the job for you. You’re welcome!

So there you have it – the photo booth is undoubtedly better than the selfie. If you’re convinced, you can come to Boogie in the Booth for photo booth hire in Grimsby, and if you need more information you can contact us online or at 07908 705252; our friendly team is ready to help.